A classic staple of shed construction for over two centuries, the tin roof remains a popular
choice for sheds and out buildings in the 21st Century!

2×4 rafters crossed with spaced 4 quarter deck boards (recycled or repurposed
as the yoots say today) this roof is strong enough to support the weight of a full grown adult.

Economical and durable for any number of uses- firewood storage, utility sheds and out
buildings around the back forty.

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Travel now down the trail to yesteryear when kids were kids and parents built
fantasy forts for them to use.

At the height of the Lowe’s inspired Treeless Treehouse Frenzy (explained LINK HERE)
a client called and said he wanted something a little more elaborate than
the prepackaged economy kit style Treehouse design.

So he gave me some sketches and we built one of the most elaborate Playhouses
I have ever been asked to assemble—especially for the time (1988).

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Steel Buildings have been part of the Military Environment for at least 50 years now.

In my time as an old Seabee I had my encounters with the Butler Building style of assembly after the legendary Quonset hut retired.

But the first I learned of the Butler Building’s successor—the modern Steel Building–was this Quonset style hut built from a completely different design.

This 30×60 open span building is assembled from pieces-Erector Set Style- all of which fit on a pallet small enough to be transported on a flat bed truck.

Each arch in the video was assembled in five sections with nothing more than ordinary bolts and a wrench.

My primary task on this job was to ensure the base plates were laid out perfectly square so the precision pieces would fit as designed.

On that score I am pleased to say the building fit together well.

If you need an inexpensive farm building that assembles with minimum skill and can be erected fairly quickly, the Erector Set Style building may be for you.

The Shed Files

Sheds! Plain sheds, fancy sheds, backyard sheds, carport sheds, poolside sheds, metal sheds, even cinderblock sheds!

Raleigh has always been a hands-on Do-It-Yourself kind of town and over the years I have been fortunate to assist people who wanted to build their own shed, but needed a certain amount of technical assistance and support.

There is no limit to the number and variety of designs my clients have created for themselves. Here are a few from the files.

Fancy Shed

Probably one of the fanciest sheds I’ve built-vinyl siding, full soffit, recycled entry door and multiple windows.

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