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Today’s project features a miniature kitchenette- two 22 inch wide
cabinets, a 19 inch diameter sink and a 28 inch wide refrigerator
stuffed into a 4 foot by 7 foot space.

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How to measure a tree in the Rain Forest:


Emergency Blog Post! Award winning meteorologist Greg Fishel needs assistance
to measure Fountain Mountain! Here are my suggestions. Send him yours.

WRAL Grounds Maintenance will not lend him their transit and the third grade
class at Wiley Elementary School was not available to build an inclinometer
for him to use. (Darn snow days!)

The WRAL Boy Scout Troop was nowhere to be found either!

WikiHow explanation of field height measurement CLICK LINK

From my 1935 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook:


Youtube Videos:



Orphan Stools! They are everywhere!

Once proud members of a two or four piece collection they wait alone in their
dotage by the side of the road for a garbage truck to carry them to a
ignominious burial in the landfill.

Battered as they may be, most of these stools need little or no repair to
continue a useful life as a sturdy piece of furniture in a shop or other
rough and tumble environment.

Or… they can even be converted to new life as a base for an inexpensive
roller stand.

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