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Gatorade Canisters

Gatorade Canisters


People want to know about my snap top plastic parts canisters!

Yes, there is no off position on the Genius switch in the Research Department!

The Skunkwerks research team here at the International Headquarters came up with
these things a while back mostly because of all the available Gatorade bottles
piled up around the recycle bin. Over time many small parts and supplies have
made their way into one of these versatile, cheap, clear plastic containers.

As far as I can tell this design variation is original to the masterminds here at
the International Handyman Headquarters.

A mystery why more people do not use this simple snap
top canister made from two plastic sport drink bottles.

To date the idea has not exactly gone viral! (?)

If you or your neighbor consume sport drinks like Gatorade
you will have an endless supply of uniform clear plastic
parts containers for all the nails, screws and miscellaneous
stuff that accumulates around the house and shop.

Any bottle with a tapered waist should work.

The 28 ounce Gatorade bottles with symmetrical ribs
are excellent for conversion to an interlock cap.

Cut and trim one bottle at the fifth rib for the bottom half.

Cut and trim a second bottle at the third rib for the interlock
snap top.

Enjoy the video if you need some place to store your stuff.