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Property Maintenance Part #2

In a previous episode the pressure washer wand was deployed to blast
out encrusted moss and lichen in a brick sidewalk. Today’s video features
the use of the 12 inch circular head to clean ordinary grit and grime off
the surface of a brick side walk.

Previous video link here.




A California mandated ventless gas can meets a sudden temperature change. Hijinks ensue.

When the overnight temperature dropped in Raleigh, the gasoline vapor inside this can condensed enough to cause ordinary atmospheric pressure to collapse the sides.

Not necessarily a problem in the larger scheme of things, but the two creases at the corner may eventually suffer flex fatigue and crack enough to allow gas to leak out.

As Sergeant Phil Esterhaus famously said “Let’s be careful out there!”


Commercial Openings! The place to go when you absolutely, positively
have to get the right answer!

Back in the good ole days, maybe the Pleistocene, I disremember eggxactly
when, my purchases were usually conducted at the Commercial Openings City
Counter which was run at time by THE TWO MIKES. ( MIKE #1 is still there
and can explain this if there are any questions.)

But, to my story. One day at the City Counter I bemoaned the fact only
old timers (yes, even back then there were old timers) knew the difference
between a right hand door and a right hand reverse door.

Not only that, but a shocking number of Construction Superintendents were
among those who could not make the distinction. This could be a critical
detail if a fella was expected to outfit their new facility with points
of ingress and egress complete with matching hardware.

Apparently my situation was not unique because MIKE #1 reached into
his desk drawer and pulled out a stack of wallet sized laminated
cards and told me:

“Don’t bother to try and explain it, just let them study one of
these cards and if they can’t figure it out then just do what you have
to do to get the right door setup.”

The cards worked! No longer was the burden on me to explain the
simplicities of right and left hand doors. With the authority of an
official Commercial Openings Laminated Wallet Card to back my assertions
I could more easily navigate the confusion and complexities of a
1990’s era jobsite!

Thank you Commercial Openings!