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Want to move a barn? Just pick it up and carry it to where it needs to go! Country life at it’s best!

For another example of good ole fashioned smarts and common sense CLICK THIS LINK here:



In a previous episode I presented pictures of the basic steps required to install replacement vinyl windows. CLICK LINK HERE

Today, a brief video to demystify the somewhat obscure process required to remove stop moulding from the interior jamb.

The classic window jamb covered with a finish coat of interior paint can confuse many homeowners into a belief the wood trim is all one monolithic piece of moulding.

In fact, a replacement vinyl window installation may be no more complicated than the careful separation of a very thin narrow strip of stop moulding at the hidden seam disguised with caulk and paint.

With three tools- -a razor knife, flexible blade putty knife and rigid flat bar –combined with patience it is possible to remove this thin strip of jamb stop and reuse it to complete the new window installation.