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Vintage 1980's catalog with 5 foot 4 inch French Patio Door Unit for sale!

Remember the old timey Patio Door with two 32 inch wide full glass doors?

Well, neither does anyone else (unless you have one in your house), but there are a heck of a lot them around from 20-30 years ago that now need to be replaced or repaired.

Why manufacturers have declared war on this particular dimension is a mystery, but this vintage catalog from 30 years ago lists the specifications people used to install the original design.

These doors were once a legitimate option in the home builders design kit. Now, not so much…..



A previous video (CLICK LINK HERE) demonstrated how any saw with a depth of cut adjustment – handheld circular saw, table saw or radial arm saw — can be used to cut the ever popular quick and strong half lap joint in the field or in the shop.

This video demonstrates a more refined two step process to quickly and precisely cut a large number of half lap joints with a pre-made plywood guide or jig for use with a table saw.

Assembled in just a few minutes from scrap lumber the jig can be used immediately and saved for future projects which would include both lap joints and tenon sections for mortise and tenon joints.

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Sometimes all you need are a few half lap joints to complete an ordinary project.

Nothing complicated enough to justify jigs or routers or fancy chisel work.

Just something quick, strong and durable.

Any power saw with a depth of cut adjustment — the hand held circular saw, a table saw or a radial arm saw can dress the wood joint down to the proper dimension quickly and easily.

You can even clean the kerf tool marks with just a little extra technique.

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