Life Hack: DIY Door Security


People ask me how to economically secure their doors when they are home
or away from their house.

One solution is the good old fashioned barricade bar mounted
near the door base so it is not easily reached through broken glass
in the upper half of the door.

Made from galvanized pipe fittings, the example in the picture has been in
service for 20+ years and is probably a little over built.

The same security objective could be achieved with smaller diameter
metal pipe and fittings, say 3/4 or even 1/2 inch.

PVC pipe and fittings should probably be avoided for this

The most economical version would be just two eye lag screws
and a wooden broom handle dowel or closet pole cut to length.

An excellent choice for tenants as the eye lag screws can be easily
removed with just two easily patchable holes in sheetrock walls.


Picture of eye lag screw

No lost keys, easily manipulated by people of all ages and physical
condition, the modern door bar works as well as it’s medieval counterpart
from centuries past.

Picture of custom commercial barricade bar made from 1/2 inch bar stock:



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