DIY Remove Rusty Kitchen Faucet


Warning! Shocking real life story about kitchen faucet replacement ( or why there is no
such thing as a simple job!) Not some showroom shiny parts kabuki theatre, but an
ACTUAL SINK with ACTUAL rusty flanges and rusty nuts and rusty bolts and an ACTUAL
oscillating multitool to cut them off! Probably the only such example on the ENTIRE
INTERNET! Never watch a prancing pony of pecuniary production parsimony demonstrate
a Fixit Job! For the real thing call a real FIXIT GUY!


Look! A BRAND NEW kitchen faucet on sale at the big box store! Yum!


Easy to install! Instructions on the box explain everything!


Plastic nuts can be tightened by hand without tools!


But wait! What about the OLD FAUCET???? YIKES! How to DEINSTALL some rusty bolts?
Stay tuned! Instructions follow!


Back in the good ole days they used metal nuts and washers to hold everything in place!
Metal nuts and washers rust together over time! They must be cut loose to
free the old faucet from the sink! Yuck!

Fear not! No need to detach the sink from the counter to cut the bolts!
The ubiquitous oscillating multi tool makes quick work of rusty kitchen faucet
bolts in the close, cramped confines of the under sink kitchen cabinet!(Watch video
of intrepid multi-tool slicing through rusty threaded rod stock in short order!)


Ta-da! Mission accomplished!


Brand new multi tool metal cutting blade chewed up after only one use!


The NEW FAUCET fits perfectly into the old sink holes!

The End!

(Always remember and do not ever forget– Instructions do not tell you
everything you need to know!)

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